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Title: first steps
Post by: Eugenio on March 13, 2012, 10:12:22 am
hello everybody,

I'm trying Pyrosim in free trial to evaluate a purchase. It looks like good.
I prepared a test file following very closely the input characteristics of Pyrosim demo file roomfire.
While in the roomfire the couch appears to catch fire after 30-40 seconds due to the presence of the BURNER surface on it, in my test the polyurethane object (OBST) close to my burner doesn't appear to burn after such time, even if the thermocluple placed against it measures over 600 °C : as if the only burner released heat, without ANY combustion on the foam object.
The parameters seems correct ... it's very disppointing.
I enclose the file if someone would check and please give me some hints.
Thanks for your attention.